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Royal Canin has teamed up with TV broadcaster and wellness expert Kathryn Thomas to raise awareness of pet obesity and to help cat and dog owners to manage their pets’ weight.

Kathryn hosts one of Ireland’s highest rated TV programmes which helps people to improve their health, lose weight and get fit. While most know the impact that being overweight can have on human health, many are unaware of the effect that obesity can have on their pets. Kathryn is working with Royal Canin to encourage pet owners to think about their feeding habits and to help them make small changes that can make a big impact on their pet’s shape and weight.

Kathryn will share top tips and her experience as a pet owner with her audience on Instagram.

John O’Connor, Vet and Corporate Affairs Director at Royal Canin said, “There are some simple steps pet owners can take to help manage their pet’s weight. For example, measuring cups can lead to pet owners potentially feeding up to 80% more than they should*. Using digital kitchen scales to weigh the food ensures you are feeding your pet exactly the right amount.”

John continued, “While it can be hard to resist the temptation to give our pets a little extra treat to show we love them, feeding your dog a rawhide bone could provide them with 67% more calories than they need each day** and feeding your cat just 30g of cheese increases their daily energy intake by 60%***. A few treats here and there soon add up, so cutting back on these is a simple way to help ensure you’re not giving your pet too many calories.”

*German, A.J., Holden, S.L., Mason, S.L., Byrner, C., Bouldoires, C., Morris, P.J., Deboise, M and Biourge, V (2011). Imprecision when using measuring cups to weigh out extruded dry kibbled food. J Anim Physiol Anim Nutr; 95 (3): 368-373.

** Over and above the normal daily energy intake for a 20kg dog

*** Over and above the normal daily energy intake for a 4kg cat.

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