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Do cats make for nosy neighbors?

You might as well ask if tigers poop in the jungle because we know the answer is yes!

Cats are the busiest of the busybodies thanks to their famous cat curiosity. And while their curiosity is a survival mechanism helping them to know every nook and cranny of their territory, we know another truth behind kitty snooping. A bunch of cute and whiskered nosy rosies, felines feel compelled to know every detail of everybody’s business. Don’t think you can hide anything from a cat. They’re on top of everything that happens in your house and most likely the neighbors’ too!

Cat parents have happily supplied proof of cat nosiness to social media and we’ve compiled a gallery of the nosiest neighbor cats around.


Nosy Neighbors Can’t Stop Peeping

Neighborhood watch or just a kitty angel being nosy on a morning walk?


A cat dad reports, “He just watches people walking down on the street like this.” 


Cats learn to spy on the neighbors at an early age and here we see a kitten purrfecting her skills…


Flibbles needs to know! So many people outside, what could be going on out there?


Jalousie windows are meant to protect homes from prying eyes, but they also crank out to make a great spying spot for a ginger tabby…


Two busybodies spying on the neighbors and probably gossiping about everybody they see…


“Whatcha mean what they got going ain’t none of my business?”


Hold up now! What’s going on over there? Is that even allowed?


This fine lady will abide no shenanigans in her neighborhood!


“Who needs a T.V. when the neighbors are your daytime drama?”


Best friends Klara and Tofu can’t believe their kitty eyes, is that a Porsche parked next door?


Anyone else staring this hard might be considered creepy, but when the creeper is a cat, it’s too cute!


A beautiful scene of nosiness as a floof watches the world and takes notes on the printer paper…


Nosy since day one!


You darn kids! Get off our lawn!


A meddlesome minx makes like a shadow on the wall while cat loving hearts melt at the cuteness…


Just remember, cats are always watching. Even as you’re reading this, there are most likely feline eyes upon you!


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Feature Image:@lusham/Twitter@klara_and_tofu/Instagram

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