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While an idea known to feline aficionados for decades now, cat cafes have gained mainstream notoriety in the past few years. And now, Mayim Bialik of “The Big Bang Theory” is bringing them to high fashion with a new series titled “Call Me Kat.” Based on the British hit, “Miranda,” the series follows the hijinks of a cat lover (Bialik) who realizes her dream of starting a cat café after leaving her unfulfilling job as a math professor.

Recently premiered on FOX, “Call Me Kat” is set in Louisville, KY, and not only features comedy and quips, but cats too! Ask any cat lover and they might say catching a glimpse of the multiple felines as well as all the amazing cat beds and furniture on the show is their favorite part.

While Kat’s cat café may be a fictional setting, you really can find kitties waiting to play at Purrfect Day Café in Louisville. But what exactly can you expect when visiting a cat café?


Visiting a Cat Café

Taipei, Taiwan, gave the world its first cat café in 1998 and Japan followed suit in 2004. The idea drew in not only tourists but those who lived in apartments where felines weren’t allowed. At cat cafés, they could get all the kitty snuggles one needs. And vice versa, as many cat cafés serve as a pathway to adoption for cats in need of homes.

With these cafés sweeping the globe, chances are good you’ve got one close to home. If so, go help the kitties by buying a drink and offering some pats. Maybe you’ll find your newest family member there, just waiting for you to bring her home.


Here’s what to expect when you visit the cats:  

  • First thing to know, the cats in these establishments are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and have personalities suited for a place with a high volume of visitors. Many of them come to the cafés from shelters and rescues, looking for their forever homes.
  • Before you go, check if the café you’re visiting requires a reservation. They tend to fill up fast because cats are awesome! Wouldn’t it be a bummer to go play and you can’t get in?
  • Expect to pay an admission fee. These entrance fees help the lights stay on and keep the cats fed and healthy.
  • Come hungry and ready for a cup of coffee! Cafés often partner with bakeries and coffee shops so you’ll find some tasty snacks to munch while you enjoy the feline antics.
  • You’ve paid your fee, bought your coffee, now, get ready to enter the domain of the cat! Once in the lounge, you’ll meet the main attractions. But be sure to be kind. Let sleeping cats be, don’t mess with a cat who’s clearly not interested, don’t share your food, and treat them like the precious jewels they are!

Whether you’re just visiting or there looking to adopt, you’ll leave the cat café happy and covered in cat hair. Is there anything better?


You can catch “Call Me Kat” on FOX on Thursday nights or via streaming. And to catch the cat café nearest you, check with your favorite shelters and rescues for recommendations on the best around.


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Feature Image: @catcafelounge/Instagram

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