i’ve been getting quite a few questions on how to take care of cats, so i decided to show you what i do on the regular to take care of Deku.
I am not a cat expert and i am not here to tell you what you should do for your cat or how to do it. every cat’s needs are different. do what works for your kitty
What i am showing you is how i meet the needs of Deku and to care for her so that she will grow up happy and healthy.

this video does not include ALL of the things that are needed to raise a cat. but i hope it gives some idea as to how much work is required to have a cat for those of you thinking of getting a cat.
besides the things shown in this video, other essential that i do thats part of cat care are:
– scooping her litter box daily ( changing out the litter completely every 2-3 weeks)
– providing fresh clean water every day
– providing good quality kibbles & wet food daily
– lots of play time & cuddle time
– nail trimming (save your furniture and your own skin)
– enough living space for a cat to run around, chase toys, cat tree etc. because your cat will take over your space with her toys and cat tree and etc


If you are interested in what Deku’s fav products are, they are listed down below

In this video:
– rake comb ( )
– silicone pet toothbrush *more gentle on gums than bristle brushes & more sanitary * ( )
– enzymatic toothpaste ( )
– pet wipes (
– wet food pouches ( Weruva BFF) ( )
– wet canned food ( Weruva BFF) ( )
* Weruva BFF was recommended by my vet to picky cats. because this brand’s wet food is super smelly and cat loves it! and she was not wrong, Deku loves this wet food*

Deku Favourites:
– moving fish toy ( )
– cat dancer toy ( )
– squeeze up cat treats ( )
– single ingredient freeze dried chicken treats ( )
– dental treats ( )
– flower water fountain ( )
– water fountain filters ( )

Deku Essentials:
– nail clippers ( )
– ergonomic double food bowl ( )
– ergonomic adjustable single food bowl ( )
– litter scoop *best scoop i’ve ever used. no more sifting required!* ( )
– litter mat ( )
– litter ( )
– carrier space backpack ( )
– soft mesh transport carrier bag ( )
– cardboard scratcher ( )
– donut bed ( )
– red lint/ hair remover ( )
– fabric deodorizer ( )
– odor & stain remover ( )
– gate to block access to certain rooms( )
– flower fabric e-collar ( )
– recovery suit ( )
– tomlyn nutri cal, calorie supplement ( )

[[ No paid advertisement / sponsorship was on this video but all product links in the description are affiliated. By purchasing from affiliated links, it’ll help support Kuku’s Diary =) ]]

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