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Cats who respond to catnip will typically roll around in it, jump and run around, rub their faces in it, drool, and purr. Typically, a catnip “high” last about ten or fifteen minutes. A new study has found that the non-poisonous chemical nepetalactone, an aromatic oil found in the stem and leaves of the plant, which is responsible for the catnip high, may also offer protection against  mosquitoes. Visit the New York Times for a closer look at the new study.

If you missed any of the stories featured on the Conscious Cat this week, here’s a recap: on Sunday, we offered a simple solution for dealing with social media overwhelm, on Monday, we shared information about clicker training, on Tuesday, we told you about discounts on Okaysou air purifiers, on Wednesday, Clea Simon told us how her cat makes sure she takes writing breaks, on Thursday, we featured new whisker jewelry from Volana Kote, and on Friday, we reviewed Clea Simon’s new mystery A Cat on the Case.

Last week we featured a video of Sarper Duman playing piano for one of his cats. Apparently, cats really like it when their humans play for them – just look at the expression on the kitty’s face in today’s video!

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