A calico kitten was determined to never be alone again after she was found outside all by herself.

Exploits Valley SPCA

Last summer, a tiny stray kitten was spotted wandering alone in the middle of Gaultois in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. She was the only kitten found in the area, and the cat mom was nowhere in sight.

Good Samaritans heard her plea and rushed to her rescue. The calico was strong-willed and brave from the start. She immediately clung to her people and never wanted to be alone again.

Exploits Valley SPCA (an animal rescue based in Grand Falls-Windsor) took the little blue-eyed wonder into their care. The kitten was about 4-5 weeks old and fit perfectly in a pocket (hence her name Pocket).

Exploits Valley SPCA

Pocket was completely fearless and very needy. All she wanted was to be cuddled and carried around in a pocket or hoodie all day long. Those days of wandering the streets were long gone, and the kitten demanded to be pampered in every way possible.

The calico was eager to have a motherly figure to shower her with love. “The plan was to put her with a nursing mom but unfortunately, none would accept her,” the rescue shared.

Keesha Hicks

After having no luck with a surrogate, the shelter turned to social media and hoped to find a great family that would be able to provide undivided attention and cuddles.

“She’s a strong kitten who is independently eating, using her litter box and obsessed with people. She is very feisty and will need someone who is able to spend extra time obsessing over her,” the rescue added.

Exploits Valley SPCA

That’s when Keesha Hicks came across Pocket, and was instantly smitten. She had a small dog named Lexi who needed a friend to play with. After reaching out to the rescue, it ended up being a great fit.

When Keesha picked up Pocket from the shelter, the little calico slipped right into her arms as if she knew she had found her people. “She was a tiny kitten with a fierce attitude. She wasn’t afraid of anything,” Keesha shared with Love Meow.

Keesha Hicks

The kitten (renamed Remi) immediately took to Lexi the pup and demanded attention from her. She tried to nuzzle up into her fluffy coat and snuggle against her face, vying for her acceptance.

Lexi was a bit confused at first with this over-zealous newcomer, but the little calico was determined. She followed Lexi around the house like her little shadow, and wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Keesha Hicks

After being abandoned outside and rejected by a nursing mom, Remi made it her mission to win over the heart of her canine friend. “She tried to cuddle Lexi and follow her around. She thought Lexi was her mom and would lay down next to her on the couch,” Keesha told Love Meow.

It didn’t take long for Lexi to realize that the kitten wasn’t so bad. Remi begged for her love and Lexi eventually gave in. Their friendship started to blossom and Remi finally got the acceptance she’d always wanted.

Keesha Hicks

Remi could hold her own when they wrestled and played. She was full of sass and had a large personality despite her itty bitty stature. What she lacked in size, she surely made up for in cattitude.

The unlikely duo has been great friends and nap buddies ever since.

Keesha Hicks

Remi has taken the reins of the house and is the mastermind behind every antic.

After getting the zoomies and roughhousing with her canine sister, she will watch the day go by with her best friend sitting by her side.

Keesha Hicks

They like to watch the ice hockey game together and conk out on their humans’ bed next to each other. Remi has picked up a few canine skills and is not shy of putting them to good use.

Keesha Hicks

Lexi adores her feline sister who keeps her on her toes and showers her with licks.

Keesha Hicks

Remi fills the house with her silliness and endless entertainment, and Lexi is always near, watching over her.

Keesha Hicks

The sweet calico is all grown up now. Her baby blues have changed into a gorgeous amber (kittens are born with blue eyes). She has long whiskers, ear tufts and a fluffy, bushy tail that add to her beauty.

Remi is living the best life with the family of her dreams.

Keesha Hicks

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