1. @rexiecat | 607k followers

This heart stealer is known as a “living emoji cat” thanks to his pricelessly emotive expressions. Rexie is a male “handicat” with just two working feet, but despite not having the use of his back legs, this cutie is enjoying life to the fullest. Follow for definite day-brightening photos guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

2. @my_boy_belarus | 327k followers

Belarus is a handsome boy with a heart-winning gaze. Born cross-eyed and rescued at the age of one, this up-and-comer boasts more than 300,000 followers on Instagram who are delighted on the daily by the antics of this adorable cat.

3. @willowthebeautifulcat | 217k followers

With her with a fuzzy, fur-covered, heart-shaped nose, Willow is truly beautiful. Her differences just mean there’s more fluffiness to kiss! From her home in Florida, Willow inspires her followers to see beauty beyond the norm. She also employs a headscarf to great effect!

4. @smushofficial | 624k followers

Prepare to fall for Smush, the health challenged rescue kitten that overcame the odds and is now one of Instagram’s burgeoning stars. Smush gets her name from her adorably unusual face, the result of genetic abnormalities and a cleft lip. Smush’s “mom,” photographer Shannon Jackson first met the rescue kitten while volunteering to take photos of shelter pets and quickly fell for her. She was smitten and we think you will be too!

5. @tummyandgummy | 163k followers

Toby and Leo suffer from a connective-tissue disorder called Ehlers Danlos syndrome that affects the skin and joints. Toby’s unique appearance results from the syndrome, which causes the skin to become extremely stretchy due to a lack of collagen—not that he lets it get in his way of getting all the tummy scratches! These two handsome heroes remind us that being different is truly beautiful.

6. @atchoumthecat | 447k followers

With his trademark wild hair, you could be forgiven for thinking Atchoum, a young male Persian cat, looks more like Chewbacca than a regular cat. In fact, Atchoum has hypertrichosis, a condition causing excessive hair growth, which is responsible for his unreal-looking mane. Follow for completely adorable shots of this hirsute cat that looks like something out of a fairy tale.

7. @rocky_onwheels | 134k followers

Rocky on wheels zoomed straight into our hearts! This inspiring cat survived a 15-foot fall as a kitten, suffering nerve damage to his back that left his rear legs paralyzed. Now he gets around with the help of a wheelchair and his devoted humans who rescued him, showing the world that special needs cats do not need to be euthanized.

8. @meetmayacat | 484k followers

Maya has a chromosome abnormality that accounts for her uniquely adorable looks. She inspired the creation of the non-profit organization Allworthy, which aims “to make our world more inclusive” by collecting kindness, a mission we can definitely get behind!

9. @lilbunnysueroux | 534k followers

Meet Roux, a cat living her best life despite being born without front legs. From her home in New Orleans, Louisiana, Roux inspires over half a million Instagram followers to persevere no matter what obstacles need to be hopped over. Super fans can even get their paws on Roux’s special Nub Hug t-shirt!

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