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Okay, so it’s no secret cats and dogs aren’t always each other’s biggest fans.

Like most siblings, the cats and dogs who call each other family don’t always get along. For example, if a cat is taking a nap, then she might not like it when doggo brother comes bounding along and sticks a wet nose in her face. It makes kitty sister mad and probably results in a hiss, a paw swipe, and a dog yelp.

But after the pawrents get involved and soothe all the ruffled fur, then everything is sunshine and roses once more. At least until the next dust up of the furry kind!

Oh well, brothers and sisters don’t always see eye to eye, especially if they’re cats and dogs. But at least we can share furry family squabbles on social media for a laugh.

Enjoy these cats not really liking these dogs at the moment!

Cats Not Really Liking Dogs

Max and Bodhi aren’t what you’d call the best of friends, so their mom had to capture this magic moment. #maybesomedaytheywillbefriends


“Eva is still not impressed with Wes. Even when I put him in a goofy sweater.”


Oh Gizmo, Freddie just wants to be friends!


“They are very unsure of what to make of their house guest….”


Kevin the cat isn’t happy. “That darn beast is back.”


Pêche the puppy met these unimpressed cats for the first time, his conclusion? “They’re boring, how could they be so passive in front of such a wagging tail?”


Sweet doggie Malt wants to know, “Why are they angry with me always?”


Little Girl the tabby cat tells Simba the pup, “No no no! I don’t want to play with you! Go away!”


Roo just wants the cat to love her!


Mr Wick the Corgi is “just chillin with my roomie. He kinda hates me but I love him.”


“I just want to be his friend but he is not having it.”


“Ghost cats hate dogs…”


Zyon the cat is “still not very sure about this new member of the family.”


“Mrs Snuffles looking extra evil tonight! Might have something to do with the big smelly dog sat so unacceptably close to her!”


How cats and dogs social distance when the catto doesn’t like the puppo…


“Cat: ‘neener neener, you cant get me’
Dog: ‘mom, why oh why does she not like me?’”


“The more the dog loves the cat the more the cat hates her. The more the cat hates the dog the more the dog loves her.” And that’s cats and dogs summed up!


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Feature Image: @littlegirl.simba/Instagram@mrwickthecorgi/Instagram

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