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Please find below the latest entry into our poetry section by Sally Lakin:

Did the moon leave his hat in the opposite room
And the sun cools her lips on an orange, blood red
As a Siamese sings twilight, tunes, In front of a fire, on a cold afternoon’

Outside Winters wedding veil, cascades over hills, rivers & dale
Snowflakes floating around, up & down, stopping to rest caressing the ground
Erratic paw prints on winding path, skidding to home then safe by the fire

Hip Hop, hippity hop! Spring has broken, daffodils pop!
Hip Hop, Liberty Hall, birds are swinging, singing a ball
Whiskers are twitching, stalking and swift, leaves can’t hide her, trees too tall

Summer dragon flies play on the stream, roses are bountiful, gloriously gleam
Grass scents the air fresh cut now bare, cornflowers blue, purple some rare
Cat flops on path all out breath, the heat makes her pant, tired she sleeps

Feathers drop lightly from bird soft and warm
Settled in her nest made of moss, twigs and fern
Autumnal beauty of orange & red, Cats made nest a double big bed

If ever a friend is needed by you, then cat is the one who’ll give you your due.

Sally Lakin

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