A kitten with a head tilt overcame all odds and snuggled his way into his dream home.

The Odd Cat Sanctuary

A tiny orange kitten was brought to a veterinary hospital in Massachusetts after he was found injured outside. The kitten came with a wound on his back and a head tilt as a result of an attack by another animal.

Despite the ordeal, the little tabby showed incredible spirit and just wanted to be snuggled. He was in need of specialized care to help him heal and thrive. Tara Kay, the founder of the Odd Cat Sanctuary, was asked if she could take him on. “We have a lot of experience with head trauma cases. He was four weeks old and weighed only half of a pound,” Tara told Love Meow.

The kitten named Murphy was doing surprisingly well despite what he had gone through. He was friendly, eager to be loved, and would switch on his purr motor whenever he was held.

The Odd Cat Sanctuary

“He has a permanent head tilt, but his eyes are clear and vision appears normal.”

Tara began syringe feeding the kitten around the clock to nurse him back to health. She brought him to work at night to continue feeding and caring for him while providing all the attention he needed to thrive.

The Odd Cat Sanctuary

From the start, Murphy was quite the cuddle-bug. He insisted on being held or carried around in a purrito, soaking up the love from everyone around him.

The tabby boy started to put on weight and gain strength. As his wound healed up nicely, he became more active and could move around more steadily.

The Odd Cat Sanctuary

Murphy was so tiny but had a strong will to live. Once he found his footing, his personality began to emerge.

“He is very smart and has the sweetest personality. He purrs all the time and loves to be held and snuggled,” Tara shared with Love Meow.

The Odd Cat Sanctuary

The kitten discovered his inner mischief and became more curious and playful than ever. He had a voracious appetite and was growing by leaps and bounds.

He will likely have a little tilt for the rest of his life, but it doesn’t stop him from doing things just like any other cat, and loving life.

The Odd Cat Sanctuary

Murphy has been a champion at the vet and captivates every heart he comes across.

Adina, a veterinarian, came to meet the sweet tabby and was instantly smitten. The kitten snuggled right up to her and started rumbling with his adorable purrs.

The Odd Cat Sanctuary

Adina was enamored by the little bundle of joy who curled up in her arms as if it was where he was meant to be.

“She wasn’t looking for a cat per se, but I think he just stole her heart. He’s so special, quirky and sweet. You can’t help but love him when you meet him,” Tara told Love Meow.

The Odd Cat Sanctuary

After quite the journey to recovery, Murphy now renamed Mr. Bean has moved into his forever home with the family of his dreams, and blossomed into a beautiful young cat.

The Odd Cat Sanctuary

Mr. Bean loves his big shark bed at his new abode and feels like a king. He is getting the best care and has a doting human mom who caters to his every need.

The Odd Cat Sanctuary

The tabby boy has grown so much since adoption. He’s still that lovable cuddle-bug who can’t get enough of attention from everyone around him.

The Odd Cat Sanctuary

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