Two kittens from different litters met each other one day, and decided they would never be apart.

Sophie @lola_and_popps

Sophie from England welcomed Lola the brown tabby into her family a little while ago. The sweet kitten was an instant love-bug and quickly claimed her new abode as her kingdom.

As happy as she was, they knew something was missing in her life. Lola was constantly seeking attention and a companion who could handle all her unbridled energy.

They began to search for a new feline addition to join their family. “Lola had so much energy and would probably benefit from having a friend,” Sophie shared with Love Meow.

Sophie @lola_and_popps

While they were on the lookout for a cat, they were informed about a little singleton that had been waiting for a home. As it turned out, the orange kitten named Poppy was the last in her litter, who was still seeking a family.

Sophie arranged a meet-and-greet with the sweet tabby. When they got together, something about the kitten just seemed perfect. Poppy immediately tugged at their heartstrings and sealed the deal for the family.

Sophie @lola_and_popps

Poppy was so happy that she rumbled with her adorable little purrs throughout her ride home. “She was super friendly, and just wanted attention and to be cuddled,” Sophie told Love Meow.

When Lola saw Poppy with her head poking out from her purple carrier, she made a beeline to her. She was intrigued about the new arrival and crawled up against the carrier to get a good look at her new friend.

Sophie @lola_and_popps

With a pat on the forehead, Lola who is a few weeks older, bestowed her blessing onto Poppy as if to officially welcome her into the family.

“Instantly after that, they were following each other around and playing together nonstop. It was as if they had always been together,” Sophie shared with Love Meow.

Sophie @lola_and_popps

That day, Lola took Poppy on a tour around the house, showing her the ropes and all the best spots for napping, playing and relaxing.

Lola, the self-proclaimed boss of the house, quickly took the new kitten under her wing. “It’s as if she tells Poppy what to do, and Poppy does it no matter what.”

Sophie @lola_and_popps

Since the day they crossed paths, the two kittens haven’t left each other’s eyesight. Lola keeps a watchful eye on her little sister, and Poppy trails behind, following in her paw-steps.

They play hard and nap even harder as a duo.

Sophie @lola_and_popps

“They are constantly together, either getting up to mischief or cuddling in front of the radiator. Lola is a complete lap cat and she loves affection,” Sophie told Love Meow.

“She’s definitely the leader of the pair, as if she’s teaching Poppy new games or new tricks all the time.”

Sophie @lola_and_popps

The orange kitten is the cutest little protege, learning to show affection to her humans by watching and imitating Lola. “Poppy is also super affectionate, and even comes up and gives us little kisses on the nose,” Sophie added.

“They rarely leave each other’s sides, and Poppy constantly copies Lola.”

Sophie @lola_and_popps

The sisters from different misters share an adorable bond. Not only do they get along beautifully, but also they have many similar interests.

“They both love fluffy blankets, to the point we’ve had to buy extras just for them. Their favorite toy is their own and each other’s tails, and it’s hilarious watching them,” Sophie shared with Love Meow.

Sophie @lola_and_popps

“They spend half their time sleeping, and the other half tearing around after each other.”

The two are partners in crime, completely inseparable. They always include one another when they are plotting antics around the house. Lola is the chief of mischief and Poppy is her most loyal sidekick.

Sophie @lola_and_popps

“We have a ball with a bell that they both chase around and bat to one another. Hide and seek is another big game they love to play together.”

At the end of the day, they always cuddle up to each other and purr themselves to sleep.

Sophie @lola_and_popps

Poppy found her dream home and the best friend she’d always wanted after waiting for the right family to come her way. From the first time they locked eyes, they knew it was meant to be.

Lola has been a doting big sister to Poppy, showering her with love and licks.

Sophie @lola_and_popps

The two fill their house with constant entertainment, plenty of cuddles and the sweetest purrs.

Sophie @lola_and_popps

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